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‘Do You Want to Build a Golem?’ with Guild Wars 2 Asura (Parody Song)

Posted by | December 11, 2014.
“Do You Want to Build a Golem?” by Eexa

So this just happened. Guild Wars 2 has been going for two years and it seems that good machimina for the title has been somewhat thin—although it may be unfair to compare it to cultural juggernauts such as World of Warcraft. That said, there are a constant stream of gems in the rough and “Do You Want to Build a Golem,” by Eexa on YouTube is excellent.

The song presents the narrative of an asura—the tiny-goblinoid race of Guild Wars 2—who wants to build a golem—a mechanical robot indicative of the asura.

Star Trek Online: Yes, Captain Virginia there is a Breen Carrier

Posted by | December 3, 2014.

With the Q’s Winter Wonderland event blowing in with a chill wind, speculation has been rife about exactly what ship would be sledding down the slopes in Star Trek Online and it looks like it’s an honest-to-Q Breen carrier. In a post that outlines the Sarr Theln Breen Science Carrier, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are bringing out the big guns.

Previous Q’s Winter Wonderland gave us the Chel Grett cruiser and the Plesh Brek raider. The Plesh Brek is returning as well as a frigate pet for the Sarr Theln, alongside Blesh Chaos fighters for those two hangars.

From a first glance, the Sarr Theln is a science carrier through-and-through with +10 shields and auxiliary as well as a 3/3 weapons layout—it also comes with subsystem targeting. With four Tactical consoles it won’t be for want of firepower (except for missing two guns) but it

Warframe since 2012: There’s an infographic

Posted by | December 1, 2014.

Digital Extreme’s launched “Project Lotus” in February 2012 and this has since evolved into Warframe—a free-to-play game that crosses platform between PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Its growth has been demonstrable with numerous additions in the past two years and an audience to match.

During that two years, Warframe expanded to 10 environments from one; 21 warframes from eight; 17 mission types from eight—and the game just hasn’t stopped growing since then. With the addition of solar rails, the game added a reason for alliances to recruit players to fight for them; and the recent Archwing expansion launched the space ninjas who play the game into space.

To commemorate this, Digital Extremes has released a mouse-wheel killing infographic about the journey of Warframe.


Warlords of Draenor Garrisons for the pre-release overachiever

Posted by | November 11, 2014.

Just in time to prepare everyone for the November 13 drop of World of Warcraft’s Warlords of Draenor expansion: here’s everything you ever wanted to know via Ask Mr Robot.


GameOgre: Intellect Devourer Review

Posted by | November 5, 2014.

Sometimes, in the midst of the horror of battle, only a monster will do. The blight of the Spellplague has tainted much of the lands, and with the Illithid in the depths, it’s time for a new weapon. The Intellect Devourer is a potent companion from Neverwinter Online—especially for those who would not mind the companionship of a slowly pulsing brain on legs. Read the full review by Kyt Dotson over on GameOgre.

Star Trek Online: Benthan Assault Cruiser Review

Posted by | October 29, 2014.


When Cryptic unleashed the most recent expansion to Star Trek Online, the development team also added a brand new tier of starships (Tier 6, or T6) and raised the level cap to 60. With this, a number of new ships were released for every faction and a lockbox was also dropped (“Delta Expedition Ships | Star Trek Online“). In these lockboxes an interesting, alien looking cruiser could be unboxed called the Benthan Assault Cruiser.

The Benthan Assault Cruiser takes the words “assault” and “cruiser” very seriously by providing a capable weapons platform and a great deal of durability mostly in the way of resistances and hull. The aesthetics of this ship appears fragile but belies its implacable sturdiness as a cruiser and its strong Tactical focus.

The ship also features a much sought after hybrid Intel/Science Lieutenant bridge officer station—but this tends …

Star Trek Online: Undine Nicor Bio-Warship Review

Posted by | October 24, 2014.


The introduction of the Undine to Star Trek Online also meant the addition of a few of their ships. Amid them, the Nicor Bio-Warship is a new lock box ship (STO: Season 9 Dev Blog #18) and the Dromias Bio-Cruiser is a lobi store vessel. This review will focus on the smaller, heavily-armed-but-durable Nicor.

Any STO captain looking for a fairly solid low-rent escort with cruiser durability with an exotic aesthetic should take a peek at the Nicor. As a ship, it packs a significant amount of firepower, has a hairpin-tight turning radius, and a fair amount of resilience in a firefight. The addition of a Death Star murderbeam doesn’t hurt either.


As rare drop from the Undine lock box, the Nicor is either acquired through luck or by buying it from someone who had one drop. Right now the vessel runs around 150 million Energy …

We Watch the Mysteries of Laura’s ‘Online Gaming’ Episode so You Don’t Have To

Posted by | October 12, 2014.

Oh gods why did we do that?

So, we heard that the NBC comedy The Mysteries of Laura, a weird sort of comedy-slash-cop-show about a detective who is also a mother, would be running an episode that featured a killer who plays online games. The episode in question is S1E4 “The Mystery of the Sex Scandal.”

The folks who write prime time TV drama shows rarely do a good job of portraying actual gamer culture or gaming in general so we did not go into this expecting much. Of course, it’s a comedy so perhaps it could resonate with some actual subcultural research?

Of course not.

The online gaming portion of the show only actually opens up slightly over half-way through the entire episode and it’s barely there.

It starts out with a lame, tired stereotype of a bunch of male geek gamers all drooling

GameOgre Preview: AlterVerse

Posted by | October 11, 2014.

There’s an upcoming highly-3D MMO coming out from Alpha Entertainment Group – with an upcoming Kickstarter – called AlterVerse. GameOgre wrote up a small preview of what this game will entail, showed off a nice video, and talked a bit about the features. (Teleporting iPhone among them.) Hard to say much about something like The AlterVerse Project right now, but it might be worth taking a look. Go read up on it at GameOgre.

Watch Anita Sarkeesian shine a light on online harassment

Posted by | October 9, 2014.

Feminist YouTuber and media critic Anita Sarkeesian is no stranger to online harassment. The eruption of vitriol that hit her from social media after her Feminist Frequency Kickstarter project designed to fund her video project “Tropes vs. Women” is legendary in the video game community.

Recently, she gave a talk at the XOXO Festival (video) about the sort of harassment she has sustained online. In the video, she outlines the nature, degree, and details of the belligerence directed towards her. Some of which is detailed and dangerous enough to have triggered police investigations.

As if to validate the weight of the fusillade of harassment, the video of her talk \ has over 3,000 downvotes and only 2,000 upvotes. There is nothing actively disagreeable in this entire talk except perhaps a call out the bad behavior of …