Chapter Two: Orientation is Such Sweet Sorrow

Posted by | February 25, 2007

helvetica-icon-2.gifThe screen flickered and refocused on vision of verdant green fields, trees, and golden bordered buildings with a vaguely Arabian curvature. The view pulled forward as if it were a small child being dragged forward by the line of a kite and the voice dropped somewhat into a liquid baritone—reminding her somewhat of a movie preview announcer—as it began to narrate an eloquent and looping speech.

“For nearly seven thousand years the high elves cultivated a shining, magical kingdom hidden deep within the forests of Northern Lordaeron—”

“What’s Lordaeron?”

Character Missing In Action

Posted by | February 23, 2007

It has come to our attention that Huntson is MIA. Keep a look out for this swarthy, short, and angry individual. Us voces are concerned about his wellbeing.

If you find him, please do not try to approach, he is likely full of bile and vitriol, which, as we all know, are not good for your health. Simply dial the voces here and give us the location and we will arrive to collect him.

Vox ex Machina Online

Posted by | February 18, 2007

We voces would like to welcome one and all to our domain.

Chapter One: A Chapter in Which There is Much Ado About the Ordinary

Posted by | February 16, 2007

helvetica-icon-1.gifImagine a room, an ordinary 15’x12’ sunken into the recesses of a suburban home with one door exiting to an off-white hallway. Carpeting so compacted from years of use and little attention from a vacuum cleaner that its color could no longer be described—as the brochure did—as apricot, but instead retains a desaturated peach. Even that color hasn’t been seen for ages, the floor is missing in action, buried beneath piles of dark clothing, haphazardly flung books, and discarded flyers. Even sunlight thinks twice before attempting to slide between the slats of the window shades.

There is but one light. There is ever only one light.