Super Galdelic Hour — Brain Melting Madness from Japan

Posted by | November 14, 2008

We here at Vox Ex Machina feel it’s our sacred duty shine a light upon the hidden corners of the gaming world, which is why I’m spending this time to share with you the inexplicable madness of Super Galdelic Hour.

Published by Enix in 2001 for the Playstation 2, this game involves what appears to be a genie hosting a game show that’s also on a space ship. With animal dolls that transform into girls. Wearing swimsuits. It doesn’t make much sense, but then again, do the Japanese really need an excuse to throw CGI girls in animal-themed suits and bounce them around the screen? Not really, and it could be worse. Here’s a six minute demo of the game, lovingly crafted to show off the various themes and game elements, while still raising up a big middle finger to such pathetic human concepts as reason and sanity.

If you need a stiff drink to banish the strange and screaming colours at the edge of your vision, go ahead. I’ll wait.

We all good now? Cool.

Super Galdelic Hour is a party game, sort of like Mario Party with more boobs hanging out. Besides the minigames, you’re also tasked with racking up sponsors for the show. High scores in the games help bring in the sponsors, who toss more cash your way, which lets you buy new costumes for the hapless girls trapped in this nightmarish gogo-bar gameshow existence by a cruel and harsh genie mistress. Speaking of, you can also buy new costumes for her, too, when she comes out to host the show between commercials and events. Her name is Sista, and her slave-contestants are named for the animal suits they wear; Neko, Toko, Coco, and Kuma. Kuma is the bear, by the way, you know, the one in the video with the weapons-grade bustline. Just thought that would be helpful to mention.

Super Galdelic Hour was only released in Japan, possibly because they feared organized retribution. All the text and many of the voices are in japanese. Fortunately, that’s not such a big issue in play because the game demos each event before you have at it, and lingering money-shots of the girls in motion are a language that crosses all borders. The controls are pretty easy to pick up. The game itself, though, isn’t. You’ll be hard-pressed to find Super Galdelic Hour thanks to the japanese release, compounded by the fact that anyone who gets ahold of a game this weird isn’t likely to let it loose from their collection. Still, the effort might be worth it, especially if you can unleash this psychodelic explosion upon an unsuspecting party full of drunk people.

If you’re looking for solid gameplay, a deep plot, and masterful characters, then what the hell are you doing this deep into the review? If you want girls who are animals who hit each other in the boobs with bopper sticks while the camera does a slow-motion crotch shot then you’ll find everything you love and more in Super Galdelic Hour. The aneurysm and insanity come for free.

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