Better Than Faith Reviews Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Posted by | December 4, 2008

The pack of heathens and jackals over at Better Than Faith have recently taken up the torch of reviewing those strange religious-themed video games you see out at the used stores and collecting dust upon the Last Shelf of Lost Hope. This time, they’ve taken on Left Behind: Eternal Forces. Since the BTF people happen to be good friends of mine, I’m sharing the love with you.

Have an excerpt from their review, just to get you in the mood of things.

“We’ve all been searching for a game where you can play as a group of militant Christian evangelists fighting the evil forces of Secularism, and we’ve finally found it. Left Behind: Eternal Forces is a game where the UN and its Antichrist leader Nicholae Carpathia (which must be pronounced Niiiiiic-ko-lie Kar-PAAAAAAA-thee-uh to obtain its full amusement factor) are vilified along with all non-Christians, education, and rock music. If it weren’t a video game itself, Left Behind would almost certainly have included them in its list of the forces of evil as well.”

Check out the whole review here. They even have video.

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