Warhammer Online, Tomb Kings, and Many Questions

Posted by | April 8, 2009

Mythic’s successful MMORPG slaughterfest Warhammer Online is ready to release its next content expansion, titled Beyond the Sands. That means you’ll get to meet the Tomb Kings, ancient undead with that spicy egyptian flavour. There will be realm stuff, dungeon stuff, and even the occasional fetch quest for those who aren’t max level! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it after being kicked out of the PvP game by their high-level betters.

The expansion does leave many questions to be answered, though, the first in my mind being when can I get behind the controls of a jackal-skulled skeleton warrior? Sadly, the answer to that is not in the latest Grab Bag of Q&A offered by Mythic about the expansion. What you will find, though, is talk about the dungeons, loot, more loot talk, and something about vanity pets. Heh.

You can read the whole article here, at Mythic’s site.

Oh yeah, and nerf BW plz.

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