Video Game Sales Eat Mushroom, Grow Big

Posted by | October 22, 2009

The numbers are in, and it looks like the bleak days of gaming wastelandia are over. September’s sales rose some 1% over those from last year, which isn’t much until you consider Augusts sales gurgled in the muck somewhere between “low” and “slitting wrists in a dark room unknown and unloved.”

The increase in sales is blamed on the Xbox 360, which has contributed greatly to economic progress with recent titles like Halo 3: ODST and Batman: Arkham Asylum. Likewise, when Sony finally cut the obscene Playstation 3 sticker down to something more within range of the masses who don’t suckle golden mead from the breasts of alabaster maidens, sales of their flagship system nearly doubled.

Nintendo’s own Wii system added relatively little to the recovery, mostly because every man, woman, and child on Earth already has one.

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