Video Game Sales Drop, Used Games See a Rise

Posted by | July 16, 2009

With the jobless rate merrily leaving the Land of Hard Times for the Valley of Revolution, even gamers have seen an effect. The slumping economy had to drag down the gaming industry eventually, and now hard data is showing the effects of that sucking tide.

According to, video games sales have fallen nearly 30% across hardware and software, with most of the drop being placed squarely on the shoulders of the money-printing beast, Nintendo. Demand for their Wii console has slowed, slackening the market. Not to mention the yawning void that separates our present time-space from the last assault of hit titles.

Coming in to feed off the cash-starved remains of the economy’s victims, used game sales have grown fat and powerful. Better than a third of game sales in May have fallen under the blighted banner of the resale legion, a trend which is only likely to grow as incomes shrink.

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