One Laptop Per Child in Action

Posted by | August 20, 2009

Those who know me know that I really care about connectivity. Not just the blinkenlights on my router, but getting people together and getting them online. The online world is the future of humanity, and those left behind will, in a few decades, be considered something of a different and lesser species.

Also, I believe that the most damaging aspect of poverty is a case of close horizons. That is, those growing up in disadvantaged environments cannot see past their immediate surroundings, their immediate needs. They are trapped in poverty by their own expectations; they never see that escape is possible.

One Laptop Per Child is a drive to get inexpensive, durable, connected laptops into the hands of children across the globe. With these laptops, the poor and the isolated can learn about themselves and the world, and hook up with the global community through the internet. For a child, this is hella empowering.

Nicholas Negroponte explains the program and the progress it has made in this TED Talks video. Watch the clip, then subscribe to the TED Talks channel. It’s the best thing on YouTube right now.

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