Mysterious Blizzard Countdown

Posted by | May 17, 2007

Our good friends at Blizzard have replaced their web page’s opening screen with a mysterious splash page counting down through the timeline of their major games. This sort of behaviour has been standard procedure for announcing a new project, and it seems Blizzard has something to say at an upcoming Korean gaming convention. Hmm.

Rumours are flying about what they might be announcing, with World of Starcraft taking the top spot. Me, I think that’s just wishful thinking (Wing Commander: Privateer in the Starcraft universe? Pardon me, I need a towel…). I believe that given the timeline shown, as well as the venue for the announcement, that Starcraft 2 is coming down the pipe, probably being set up to promote and tie-in with the inevitable Starcraft MMORPG two years later.

Not that anyone here at Vox will complain about Starcraft 2, mind you. But still, I can’t help but wonder how it will compete against World of Warcraft, what with there only being so many hours in a day. Then again, maybe it won’t matter. I mean, what, I’m somehow not going to buy Starcraft 2?

But I really do want Starcraft: Privateer…

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