MMO Anthropology Invites Guild Wars Players Alliance as Guests for Friday’s Livestream

Posted by | February 19, 2015

Every Friday, the MMO Anthropology show on brings players into a random multiplayer or MMO game and this upcoming show will feature Guild Wars 2 and two guests from the GW Players Alliance podcast.

GW Players Alliance show hosts Cithryth and Draculetta will be joining MMO Anthropology host Amerist, co-host Nelson Williams (editor-and-chief of this blog) and Dracul Draconicus in Guild Wars 2 to discuss the state of the game, what players want, and actually play the game.

Feel free to tune in at 9pm MST and stay until 12 midnight. If you own Guild Wars 2 you can come along as well, but the team will be full—however, the host, Amerist has a commander tag so can make a squad and bring as many people as needed into open world content.

Be sure to check out the Guild Wars Players Alliance website and keep up with MMO Anthropology on Twitter and Google+. And hook up with Guild Wars Players Alliance on Twitter.

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