Lord of the Rings Online Runs “Welcome Back Week”

Posted by | August 20, 2009

Lord of the Rings Online LogoLord of the Rings Online is currently running a special event week to haul back old players and bring in fresh meat. This “Welcome Back Week” is scheduled for August 18 to 24.

Normally, we here at Vox wouldn’t pass along free advertising (paid advertising can be purchased in slots above and to the right), but Turbine has thrown a little something extra into the pot. Something along the lines of free play for returning subscribers, and a 25% XP bonus that stacks. Also, preview content from Book 8: Scourge of Khazad- dûm.

We have it on good authority that LOTRO is a pretty decent game if you’re into the atmosphere of Middle Earth. If you’re undecided, this might be a good time to give Lord of the Rings Online a try.

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