Infinite Ammo

Posted by | August 30, 2008

A brand new indie game company is making their debut onto the Internet announcing a yet undisclosed video game. The only thing that we voces can tell you about this game right now is that it will be gorgeous.

The artistic talent of Infinite Ammo, Katie de Sousa, is an amazing artist and the teaser image posted from the game is only the barest suggestion of her talents.

Another name that we recognize among is Alec Holowka who wrote the game, Aquaria, that we voces absolutely love for it’s atmospheric beauty and interesting story. With him on the team we can definitely see this indie game company producing something not just stunning but wonderful. Check out Aquaria’s website.

We proudly suggest that our readers check these peeps out and watch for the upcoming developments of this game. We will, of course, keep people abreast of the gems but nothing beats vociferous for anyone developing in the independent game community.

Link to Infinite Ammo.

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