Guitar Hero and Metallica Join Forces, Rock Out

Posted by | December 15, 2008

Of course it had to happen sooner or later, what with Metallica being one of the biggest bands in metal. Even if they have sold out entirely, attacked their fans through the courts, and turned into old men desperately trying to cling to what little relevancy they ever possessed by mining the last dregs of their speed metal days. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

The new game, Guitar Hero: Metallica, mines the last dregs of the band’s speed metal days by following their path to stardom through the clubs and venues they played in days gone by. You play as a band looking to make your name by following in Metallica’s footsteps, eventually opening for the aging rockers themselves in one of their favourite clubs. The game is scheduled for a March release.

You can catch more details about the upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica, as well as an interview with Lars and Kirk, at this USA Today article.

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