Guild Wars 2: Revenant final legendary Shiro Tagachi revealed

Posted by | July 16, 2015

As the Revenant is the newest up-and-coming class in ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns, much of the community has been eagerly awaiting the final core legend that this class will channel. That legendary figure has been confirmed as Shiro Tagachi—a villain from Guild Wars who wielded twin long-blades.

ArenaNet has also added that dual-wield swords will be the newest addition to the Revenant’s arsenal.

As a legend stance for the Revenant, Shiro is also expected to fill a role that seemed neglected with the other three—condition control, healing support, and tank support—which is a damage role.

The name for Shiro’s set of capabilities is called “Slashing Destruction,” which echoes Shiro’s past life as an assassin and his penchant for blades and the mist. His abilities manipulate the mists in rapid, flashy attacks that rip opponents to ribbons.

Rift Slash, this attack will hit foes in front of the caster slicing an unstable mist-rift into them, which will explode after a short time—it is the third skill of the autoattack. Precision strike, throws blades at nearby enemies. Unrelenting assault, unleashes a terrifying assault where the Revenant shadowsteps from foe-to-foe rapidly attacking numerous opponents in a group.

Enchanted daggers, the heal skill for Shiro that has daggers strike foes as you attack, healing you, and siphoning life from them. Phase traversal, this acts as a shadowstep-to-foe but adds a stacks of an unblockable status effect allowing for the next few skills/attacks to bypass blocking defenses. Jade winds, hearkens back to what happened when Shiro was slain in Guild Wars as it petrifies nearby foes turning them to jade for a short period of time.

The Jade Wind attack can also be traited to trigger when players are downed, acting just like what happened when Shiro was downed.

The core Revenant revealed

This rounds out the Revenant completely, showing off its core legends, and providing six weapons (main and off-hand sets) that the player can choose from. This also helps round out the apparent damage fall off that Revenants had during the beta, and mentioned here on Vox Ex Machina in the review of the class from the beta.

By adding Shiro to the legends, the Revenant gets a damage role that should help the apparent mediocre damage output that the Revenant has without him.

Finally, this leaves further speculation open as to the elite specialization the Revenant will receive when ArenaNet releases that in the future.

As for us voces prediction on that elite spec: Glint or riot!

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