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Posted by | May 5, 2011

realms-online-logo The idea of entire-world-PvP isn’t that new, but combined with a strong realm-wide conflict basis and a capture-the-flag concept that covers entire regions, it begins to catch some attention. Realms Online by GameSamba brings some of this action to the forefront in their soon-to-be-released US version of their much anticipated game. Kyt Dotson over at GameOgre brings us some first impressions of this game after a media guided tour by GameSamba staff,

From the parts that I explored, nowhere was fundamentally safe. Although, I should point out, almost like a war journalist I found myself thrust into the thick of battles. With arrows singing overhead and spells sizzling the ground at my feet, I bring to you this news story.

Realms Online will be fundamentally about the competition between three powerful nations: the Alsius Empire, the woods of Syrtis, and the Borherhood of Igni. The gameplay follows pretty standard fantasy mechanics but provides its primary flow for enabling player-vs-player conflict. The realm mechanics also give rise to potent reasons for players to clash, gain prestige for their realms, and hopefully win the current war. A single round of the war can last weeks depending on the skill and prowess of the players.

The game includes some interesting elements we’ve seen in other PvP contests before, but the realm-wide capture-the-flag idea best captures our thoughts. As described in the article, each of the realms is invited to invade other territories, take them, and steal their gems. These gems are then carried back to the main realm’s altar and slotted in—the gem in fact must be carried somewhat like a football and ran all the way back.

All the while, the enemy is alerted to exactly where their gem is at the moment.

Once a relam manages to steal all the gems from their neighbors (there are three) they’re given access to a great golden dragon, who doubles as the god of this land. The dragon-god grants boons to those who manage to gain access to him.

This is where even more fun begins. The dragon can grant boons to the winning realm; curse the losing realms; or better-yet, grant supreme power to one of those who took part of capturing the final gem and opening the portal. The person who gets this ungoldly power for the next round (making them bigger, badder, and virtually unstoppable) is decided by a great player-vs-player melee between all the canidates.

The land man standing receives the power of the gods.

I have the power!

Looks like it might be a lot of fun. We’ll keep you informed as to when the game launches and the nations can yet clash swords and shields for the favor of their dragon-god.

Link, via GameOgre.

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