FCC Commissioner Blames World of Warcraft and MMOs for College Dropouts

Posted by | December 12, 2008

Okay, sure, we all know that one guy who spent so much time off in EverQuest or NetHack that he forgot to go to class, but is that sort of thing epidemic? Deborah Taylor Tate, FCC Commissioner, seems to think so. In a speech on telecom policy and regulation, she mentioned online gaming, and specifically World of Warcraft, as a major reason for college dropouts. She also used the term “gaming addiction,” which we know is just a buzzword. Actual study of troubled gamers shows little evidence of true addiction.

Being the cynical type, I have to wonder if the lady Commissioner’s comments represent the beginning of a campaign against online gaming. Perhaps the FCC has been watching the gaming scene and pondering how to get their regulatory claws on the millions of gamers — and billions of dollars — that make up modern video gaming.

To our readers, I really just have one thing to say on the subject; do your homework already, jeez. You want to flunk out or something?

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  1. Pwnsan
    December 12, 2008 9:28 pm

    Sadly, I missed a few classes back in the day due to MMOs. Hell now that I am older I called in sick at work because of gaming as well. There is some truth to what the commissioner is saying, as an adult looking at the younger generation… (great now I feel old) it does seem like they can be prone to become addicted to gaming. It so easy because games are so accessible and is regarded as cool.

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