Fallout 3 Editor Coming Down the Pipe

Posted by | November 25, 2008

Bethesda announced plans today to release their Fallout 3 editor, named GECK, to the general public as a free download. Scheduled for a December release, the GECK will allow players to modify data, create new dialog, raise up buildings, and infest their games with unforgivable porn. The Fallout 3 editor will be a free download.

Also, coming out around January, Bethesda will unveil Operation: Anchorage, the first downloadable expansion for Xbox and Windows. You can find the entire announcement on Bethesda’s Fallout 3 site.

As always, we here at Vox Ex Machina will keep you informed the most interesting and vile mods that spew forth from the Fallout player community. In case you didn’t notice, we also have a rundown on the current crop of Fallout 3 nude mods and patches. Check it out and spice up your wasteland experience. It should be worth watching to see just what the community does with the powers of this GECK editor. I mean, outside the lesbian pornomachia whorefests that are doubtless gargling up from America’s basements right now.

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