City of Heroes Issue 13 Beta Goodies

Posted by | November 6, 2008

City of Heroes, the superhero-themed MMO from Cryptic is currently shoving Issue 13 through their beta process. Be sure to jump on over to the test server to take first advantage of the new features. Among the highlights, you’ll find a Level Pact that binds two character from different accounts to the same XP pool. The upside here is that no matter how much one no-lifer plays his character, the other hero in the pact will advance at the same rate. Not all that great for power gamers, but likely a welcome feature for couples and those with a working life.

You’ll also come across Merits, a kind of currency you get for completing story arcs, Task Forces, and all those other role-playing, plot advancing mission types.

Crafting should be easier for the Villain side, with new “Abandoned Labs” in lower-leveled zones.

The details and guides to the details can be found on the City of Heroes forums. Take a cool drink and a sack lunch with you, ’cause damn, you’ll be spending the day going through the notes. All in all, it should be a welcome addition to City of Heroes. Oh, and they nerfed Blasters.

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