Caffeine May Reduce Risk of Skin Cancer, Be Within Arm’s Reach

Posted by | July 2, 2012

Normally, this sort of thing wouldn’t be something we cover, but I’m placing a solid bet that anyone who calls themselves a gamer has some caffeine within their line of sight. The fun-loving journal Cancer Research reports that more than two cups of coffee, or the same amount from non-coffee sources like that stack of energy drinks you’ve been building, has the potential to reduce the formation of some types of skin cancer. The trick is it seems to provoke the body into killing off damaged skin cells before they can mutate and run cackling madly through your biology. Yahoo News has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    July 2, 2012 6:11 pm

    The cyborg arm in a related story at that link might have swayed my decision to run this article, as well.

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