A Quick Look at Diablo 3: You can light bats on fire!

Posted by | April 23, 2012

Not that this is generally a selling point for most games, but it’s still something to write home about. The Witch Doctor erstwhile seems to be a replacement for the Necromancer from Diablo 2—we would prefer to see them both side-by-side, after all the Witch Doctor has a lot of pet class attributes and some curse like abilities.

Of the other classes there’s the Wizard with some ice and fire and—not shown—the Demon Hunter with arrows, a monk class who kicks and punches things and finally a Barbarian who also gets the leap ability. Diablo 3 likes to throw people around, so with the Barbarian there’s also the lovely sensation of sending the undead flying overhead in gristly somersaults.

We enjoyed the weekend.

The new Diablo 3 has a lot going for it.

Video via MMO Anthropology.

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