Fallout: New Vegas essential mods

Posted by | October 29, 2010

new-vegas-mod The dazzling franchise that is Fallout has seen a lot of amazing developments recently—bringing this amazing RPG out of the top-down and three-quarters RPG view into the exalted realm of the FPSRPG. Now, we’ve seen the release of the next after Fallout 3 (that shining example) with Fallout: New Vegas.

Except all is not well in Fallout city, and as these things must go, people have release mods to fix the problems that the community sees as still wanting. This is why we have Overclock.net,

Fallout: New Vegas is a great game, but there are many things that just don’t work the way they should. Either Obsidian didn’t playtest enough, or didn’t have time to fix these things, or just made bad decisions. These are mods that I and others in the community recommend to make the game better, to clean up Obsidian’s mistakes.

The links available within this huge set include fixes for the fact that Fallout: New Vegas uses the wrong version of DirectX 9 (mod fix) and people who apply the fix can receive a jump in frame rate ranging from 50%-200%. Also available as mods: a mouse acceleration fix, continue playing after the main quest, no auto-aim, faster running, Fellout NV (an improvement to the wasteland aesthetics), card/ammo sorting, a caravan card organizer, level cap remover, realistic damage for weapons, make unique weapons moddable, an additional quest, unlimited companions, … and much more!

Link, via Overclock.net.

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