Star Wars: The Old Republic Coruscant Datacron Sneakthrough Guide

Posted by | December 28, 2011

If you’ve been playing Star Wars the Old Repulbic long, you’ve either found or heard of datacrons. World objects that give you stat boosts that are hidden across all the different maps. Some are easy to access and some are extremely difficult; all of them provide a worthwhile reward and some bragging rights.

Look no further than this walkthrough: here’s the datacrons available on the 10-16 level city-world of Coruscant.

Old Galactic Market – Shipping and Receiving Docks, +2 Presence Datacron

Not that difficult to locate, but it’s guarded by an elite (11) enemy and his pals. After entering the area, and picking up the first few missions, head immediately north through the firefight in the double-bridge. Turn west (do not use the elevator in front of you, it’s broken) after heading west for a bit, you’ll come to an area with crates and such, turning back north again you’ll notice a working elevator.

Take the elevator there up to the platform and the datacron and the elite enemy will be hard to miss.

Black Sun Territory – Black Sun Market / Graffiti Square, +2 Endurance Datacron

You’ll want to wind your way into the Black Sun territory and find a section called Graffiti Square, it’s a bit deep into Black Sun Territory, but with a little perseverance you can make it. You’ll find a giant clutch of boxes and equipment crammed into a corner to the north section of the map.

Start by leaping up onto the barrels, work your way up onto the equipment (looks like an open top hauling container), then from the equipment to the boxes nearby. Keep leaping up, and you’ll find it leads to some small pipes that lead to a balcony. Follow the balcony until you come to a broken section, use the pipe to go to another balcony across a corridor, then use the second pipe to get back to the original balcony.

Follow the balcony down to a dead end, there’s a sign that you can jump atop, follow that across and onto yet another balcony and there you’ll find the datacron.

Justicar Territory – Shipping Docks, +2 Cunning Datacron

At the Shipping Docks, before you get into the landing zone with the ships, there’s an area that forks around that leads out to the docks proper—in this area you’ll find a large stack of boxes that look like they’ve been designed as steps. Clamber up them and onto a lengthy pipe until you come to a series of pipes to jump along.

Just follow the pipe along the wall until you’re brought around to a platform and the datacron is visible atop a box.

The Works – Pipeline Passageway, Yellow Matrix Shard Datacron

To reach this one you’ll want to head down the path that you take when you first visit, after heading south through the northern works area, turn east, follow the path around the southern bend until you’re headed north again. Eventually you’ll walk down a corridor where there are cthons hanging out. You’ll see a wall with some debris and a diagonal pipe.

Run up that pipe and follow each pipe that arrives to meet it. You’ll traverse quite a distance, all running on pipes; this will take you through numerous areas of the Works. Be careful, it’s easy to fall off the pipe if your incautious about movement.

Eventually you will see the datacron shining in the dark along a ledge and you’ll just need to walk up to it and grab it.

Jedi Tempe Ruins – Mezzanine, +2 Strength Datacron

When you enter the Jedi Tempe Ruins via the first elevator you’re deposited in a circular map with lots of debris. Head north proper and then wind near-ish the wall on the eastern side until you clear a gigantic fallen column. Avoid the small group of enemies and run up the fallen pillar to the balcony above.

From there, simply follow the balcony around the wall counter-clockwise until it opens out into a broad platform. Move to the edge of the platform and look for the datacron. You’ll notice it set along an extended scaffold that you just have to drop down onto.

Link, via MMO Anthropology YouTube and MMO Anthropology

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