YouTuber DarkSydePhil Visited by SWAT During Arkham Knight Livestream

Posted by | June 29, 2015

Swatting, the “not actually a prank” criminal act of calling in a fake police report to get a SWAT team to visit someone, happens more often than it should and it happens considerably often to popular streamers. The most recent victim of this malicious activity has been YouTuber DarkSydePhil. According to a report on SiliconANGLE, not only did the swatter hit him—during an Arkham Knight livestream—but they have also sent police to the home of a family member.

Chapter Ten: Working for the Collective – The Helvetica Voyage

Posted by | June 29, 2015

“Hey there,” the Borg chef said. “Can I perhaps implore you to stop shooting the employees? They’re just trying to do their job.”

“They tried to asssimilate usss,” Boots hissed with a sneer. He pointed his rapier directly at the throat of the drone and growled.

Helvetica put up a silencing hand and Boots stepped back. “The reception we’ve been given has been less than peachy,” she said. “In fact, I’d say that the hard sell is what goes for a greeting around these parts. They stop doing that and I’ll stop shooting them.”

“They are just doing their jobs,” the chef drone said.

He shook his head and went about wiping down the counter in front of them—which, to Helvetica, appeared spotless. As he worked, she inspected him. He looked to have once been human. Slightly taller than she even as he stood with a slightly stopped posture, perhaps from years of tending …

MMO Anthropology and SiliconANGLE co-livestreaming E3 coverage next week

Posted by | June 11, 2015

Next week, noted technology journalism site SiliconANGLE will be following along with Twitch coverage of E3 2015 on the MMO Anthropology channel. Feel free to join in! See below for details on when and how to connect up.

To join the livestream:

Join in with the crowdchat:

A crowdchat is a side-channel that uses social media—Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook—in order to provide an ordered conversation centered around a particular subject. If you have a Twitter account you can join and add to the discussion, or simply folllow along.

The first stream will take place Sunday 7pm MST for the Bethesda press announcement, expected to be an announcement about upcoming Fallout 4. Then after that it will be from around 9am MST until evening every day of E3 for various different press events and other coverage as presented by