Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Posted by | June 30, 2009

Back to the old horror mines we go…

Those who know me, know I love some Silent Hill. The first game is probably my favourite title, with the second game facing off in a pipe/whip cage match thunderdome duel with Castlevania. I’ve been unnaturally quiet on the subject of Silent Hill so far because the recent offerings from that dismal town have been lurching towers of suck and fail.

This may well change.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a retelling of the original game, with its own brand new quirks and themes. Unlike certain other versions of the franchise that shall not be named but involve random truckers, this Silent Hill game seems to know what it’s doing and where it wants to go. Oh, did I mention it’s for Nintendo’s Wii?

Since the game …

Chapter Twelve: A Sword for All Occasions

Posted by | June 28, 2009

The chewtoy—an eyeball pickled into a rubbery consistency like a hardboiled egg—hurtled across the chamber, caromed off the back wall, rebounded from the floor, and sailed out the window.

Batsmasher followed, arms a-pendulum with barely contained joy. “Raaaaaggwwggh!” he gurgled as he flew through the window after his favorite toy and promptly vanished from sight in the pristine blue and fog. Plummeting.

“That never gets old,” Hellvetica said.

Media Giant Warner Bros Set to Consume Midway Games, Make Mortal Kombat “Extreme”

Posted by | June 27, 2009

The stumbling behemoth Warner Bros, known in recent times for “improving” beloved cartoons to the certain delight and praise of fans, is set to purchase bankrupt game studio Midway. It should be an easy deal, what with WB being the only bidder at the auction. The projected price tag is said to be about 33-million human dollars, which is pennies compared to what some of Midway’s video game properties used to bring in.

Midway has been kicked around like a bloodstained football for some time now, of late coming under the claws of Summer Redstone, one of the shadowy humanoid pillars behind Viacom, Inc. When Summer proved unable to massage Midway into a profitable shape, he sold the company to a private investor in exchange for a tax write-off instead of actual money, which should give …

Wasteland Fashion with Fallout 3 Armor, Clothing, and Sexy Mods

Posted by | June 25, 2009

I really do love Fallout 3, and not just because random dismemberment puts a smile on my face. It’s all about the custom work, the community mods, the great things that people put into the game just because. And nothing say “just because” better than a full line of fashions for the post-nuclear wasteland wanderer.

Listen, let’s be honest here. The game? A cakewalk. The ending? Sucktastic. So what keeps people coming back to Fallout 3? Why, it’s the best Pretty Princess Dress-Me-Up game on the market. Thanks to the modding community, there’s no end to the ways you can dress up (or down…) your lethal Barbie doll as you scour the lands of all who dare stand against your harsh and unstoppable will. So in that spirit, let me present some of the coolest clothing mods you’ll ever …

Virtual Surgery Using Video Game Technology

Posted by | June 24, 2009

You see, back in the day when computers were new and exciting, I went to college and majored in something wonderful; virtual reality. Not to play games, not to do 3D animation, although there was that. Mostly, I knew that virtual reality would, in its creeping and secret ways, become just as important as real reality.

Consider that most of you spend somewhere between two and six hours a day inside a virtual world on your Xbox or PC and think about that for a moment.

But games aren’t the most important use of virtual reality, simply the most obvious one. Real work is being done by virtual tools, and those tools change everything they touch. Check out this article from, about video game surgery.

“So this is the difference between working

Brutal Legend: Tim Schafer Interview

Posted by | June 23, 2009

Brutal Legend is an upcoming game from those Double Fine guys, you know, the folks who made Psychonauts. If you haven’t played Psychonauts, by the way, you fail at gaming. Get with it. The mad leader of Double Fine is Tim Schafer, one of those “creative” people who tend to see the dead dog skulls in those ink blot tests. He’s also kind of wacky and interesting, so it’s pretty cool there’s this interview here with him about the Brutal Legend game. Here’s a sample from the interview.

Q: What type of game is Brütal Legend? I watched the vids and I know whatever the hell you guys do will be awesome but what kind of game is it?
Tim Schafer: It’s an action game full of action with a side quest that’s all about action.

You can read more over at the brand new, mostly, Brutal

Best Buy Enters Used Game Market

Posted by | June 23, 2009

Another shark enters the fray, seeking easy prey among the swimming schools of Madden and EA sports titles. Best Buy, the second greatest evil after the now-defunct CompUSA, has expanded its Canadian testbed efforts to the US, offering game trades through a kiosk system. Slip in your old game, let the kiosk scan it, then punch the go button and get back a Best Buy gift card. Guess they don’t trust us gamer types with real money.

This move must also come as something of an attack on publishers and the various content cartels, who have been tirelessly working to make the secondary market go away. With another high-dollar vendor on the used game tip, it’ll be harder to legalize used games out of existence. They’ll have to try something else, likely vile technology scarred into the disks by a red hand dipped in …

Chapter Eleven: Zen and the Art of Ghoul Maintenance

Posted by | June 20, 2009

The Lich King, Prince Arthas and the shade of Ner’zhul combined, brooded over the war torn domain from gaping maw of an icy balcony—great clouds of billowing white foamed in the chill air and whipped past his ragged cloak, stoking the azure flames that fumed from his ghastly armor. His sword, Frostmourne, balanced point-down on the icy rock floor awaiting his grasp as he fiddled with his gloves.

“When do I get to meet the big guy?” Hellvetica asked, gesturing with an onyx gauntleted hand towards the looming figure.

World of Warcraft: Crusader’s Coliseum Info and Screenshots

Posted by | June 18, 2009

There’s a hole in the ground and a maddening din of hammers that’s very familiar to those of us who managed to grind our way through the levels and reach the real game in World of Warcraft. At level 80, you can find the Argent Tournament, and in the middle of the grounds, you’ll find the skeleton woodwork of a new building. This is, or will be, the grand Crusader’s Coliseum, the perfect place to gather the most powerful heroes of Azeroth so they can all be wiped out in a single frostwyrm attack. Er, I mean, for honour and glory!

The Coliseum will feature new dungeons, a new welfare currency, and the part I’m most interested in, weapons themed for both Horde and Alliance. Maybe it’s just me, but I like it when …

Warhammer Online: Land of the Dead Trailer

Posted by | June 16, 2009

Undeath is not something new in the world of Warhammer. Oh, sure, there are these vampires marching about, and skeletons rising from the grave, and various necromancers cackling in their crypts, but that’s nothing compared to what lies under the sands in the dry places. Ancient empires await in their tombs, and the Tomb Kings yet control their lands from beyond the shroud of death.

Oh, and there’s a trailer now. Check it out.

Is it just me, or are Sigmar’s finest the official whipping boys of Mythic’s trailers? I don’t think I’ve seen one survive a preview…

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