Console Wars Heating up in July

Posted by | August 24, 2007

Although the Nintendo Wii continues to outsell Sony’s PS3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, things are looking up for the other two video game console makers.

The MS Xbox 360 continues to outsell the PS3 for the ninth month in a row, but Sony’s apparently not worried. Early in July Sony announced a price drop for the PlayStation 3 and has since seen a 61-percent increase in the number of units sold. Q4 may show stronger sales for all consoles as titles such as Lair (PS3), Halo 3 (Xbox 360) and Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) coming out for the holiday buying season.

More info on the July 2007 NPD retail numbers at IGN.

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The Aran Chant

Posted by | August 6, 2007

Helpful advice for all you Karazhan raiders, courtesy of Learn it, live it, love it.

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