Reflections on space bunnies in Star Trek Online

Posted by | March 6, 2014

With the addition of The Legacy of Romulus in Star Trek Online also meant the addition of space bunnies–and by this we mean the epohh. These little critters are a fuzzy, moth-bunny that for some reason the New Romulan Alliance finds so extremely adorable that they’re willing to part with high-end military equipment for people who domesticate them. As a result, STO players find themselves raising them and then turning them in for reputation with a space-faring industrial superpower. If you’re interested in the process of farming epohhs for Romulan Marks, read up on the beginning of the experience as written by author Kyt Dotson.

Tips for Star Trek Online’s Anniversary ‘Party Patrol’ Event

Posted by | February 6, 2014

For all you Star Trek Online players who are frustrated with Q and the “Party Patrol” event needed to earn one of those shiny free Solanae science destroyer starships here’s a pair of tips to make you life easier. You’re welcome.

(1) When approaching a miniQ if you can target him with the mouse he’ll be a “runner” if not he’ll be a “shell game.”

(2) If you’re playing the shell game, once the boxes finish moving hit ‘B’ to go into FPS mode—the reticle will change color when you’re over the box with the miniQ in it.

Good luck getting those Qmendations!

Interview with Bluebear from World of Warcraft

Posted by | December 8, 2013

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.

Interview: The Fall of Nesingwary, World of Warcraft’s Server Merge Woes

Posted by | December 5, 2013

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.

Neverwinter Halloween with the Liar’s Masquerade

Posted by | December 3, 2013

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.

Interview: Project Lead Chris Hare and Lead of Composition William Strickland from City of Titans

Posted by | October 24, 2013

Amerist (aka Kyt Dotson) from MMO Anthropology just interviewed two of the project leads from City of Titals–the spiritual successor to now-lost City of Heroes–and learned some interesting things about the progress and expectations of the game. Including things about player paths, the storyline and how it should progress, morality, and a few other tidbits. Watch the video above or read about the interview over at SiliconANGLE.

MMO Anthropology Livestream After Action Report, August Week 2

Posted by | August 15, 2013

The MMO Anthropology livestream led the three hosts—Arienne Keith, Amerist, and our editor-in-chief Nelson Williams—into the strange world of Guild Wars 2 for the Queen’s Jubilee event (as well as some getting killed randomly.) The hosts went about the world to look at the event, get some running across the countryside, and even a balloon ride or two. On Saturday, Minecraft led the day with a special rules construction session involving a canyon. For more details, see the full After Action Report.

First Impressions Review: VEGA Conflict by Kixeye

Posted by | August 14, 2013

Curious about the newest MMORTS browser-based game from Kixeye that puts you in the metal-boots of a space pirate? Check out this review by Kyt Dotson of VEGA Conflict over at GameOgre. Like most browser-based games, VEGA Conflict is sprite-based, slow paced, and designed towards the hardcore casual crowd. It has a slow growing affect combined with space-combat with some micromanagement; but at the same time people are pushed inexorably towards an end game full of PvP—and, of course, even further space piracy.

MMO Anthropology Livestream After Action Report, July Week 3

Posted by | July 22, 2013

The MMO Anthropology livestream went off with the crew hitting up NEStalgia on Friday and Minecraft on Saturday.  Playing the odd 8-bit MMO that is reminiscent of Dragon Warrior and led to editor-in-chief Nelson Williams to make a lot of puns about “balls” due to the in-game nation being named Balzackia. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Minecraft led the intrepid fan base across a deep, and wide ocean to a new land to colonize—and colonize they did. For more details see the full After Action Report.

E3 Brings Us Insight Into the New Era of Multiplayer Gaming

Posted by | June 14, 2013

Consoles have not been the greatest place for MMOs, focusing more heavily on single player games with mutliplayer modes; but that tide seems to be turning. Although we’ve seen games such as Call of Duty and others pushing hard into realms allowing 64 to 128 people on one map, they’re almost always battlefield games. At E3 several MMO-like games have shown off how they can go both massively and singleplayer without messing up much of their gameplay. Read more about this in an article by Kyt Dotson at SiliconANGLE.

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