Interview with Nakiato in Firefall

Posted by | August 1, 2014

With Firefall’s recent launch, it’s a good time to check in with the people who live there and what they’ve been up to for the entire closed/open beta process. While this was recorded in February 2014, and the release was very recent, the thoughts and life of Nakiato in Firefall seem still quite relevant.

Other videos discussing events and mechanics in Firefall and their social impact include “Thumping: The Social Impact of Public Events in Firefall”, and “Light of the Arc: A Fireworks Display in Firefall 2014”.

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.

Red 5 Studio’s MMOFPS Firefall Online Launch Livestream

Posted by | July 29, 2014

The MMOFPS Firefall from Red 5 Studios launches today and Vox Ex Machina is sponsoring a livestream with @MMOAnthropology’s Amerist. The livestream will run from 5pm – 8pm (PT) and will hopefully showcase some of the gameplay of the game (assuming that the login queue isn’t swamped.)

The game has proven to be an interesting journey over the past five years—building through a game that wanted to be many things to many people, from a sandbox, a PvP game with an eSports bent, and a social MMOFPS with an open world. The beta has seen a lot of priorities change, and mechanics changes, and the final version (launching today) is a different beast than that which stumbled out of the stable years ago.

Be sure to tune in when the livestream starts and speak your mind about the game!

The Light of the Arc Celebration: 4th of July in Firefall

Posted by | July 15, 2014

MMO video games have given a context for communities to live in virtual worlds—not just through the mechanics and world of the game itself, but through props and other elements of the virtuality that allow players to regenerate parts of their own lives. With the passing of the 4th of July holiday in the US, many MMOs introduced fireworks displays, items, etc.

The result of introducing props from external mainstream cultures, players bring their own cultural expectations into the game.

In Firefall numerous users have taken the fireworks props and regenerated their own displays in game; and now Firefall has added an official Forth of July-type celebration.

via MMO Anthropology on YouTube.

Thumping: Firefall and the Social Impact of Player-Driven Dynamic Events

Posted by | April 12, 2013

Red 5 Studio’s MMO shooter game Firefall is still working its way through the stages of a beta and right now it’s a highly freeform, sandbox styled game. As a result, it also contains numerous dynamic events. Additionally, much advancement in the game requires resource gathering and management and this is done with an activity called “thumping.” This resource gathering event is imitated by players and appears on the radar of the map—informing other players that its happening—and being around when someone is thumping encourages others to participate by rewarding them with experience and resources. The folks at MMO Anthropology have written up an essay on the practice and strategies developed.

Link, via MMO Anthropology and YouTube.