Guild Wars 2 Economy: Looking at How People Made Money in the Beta

Posted by | September 5, 2012

Link, via YouTube and MMO Anthropology.

Do you have a gaming budget?

Posted by | September 10, 2010

videogame-budget With the economy in the pits and unemployment at a max, us voces are wondering how many of you readers happen to have a video game budget. This could take the fashion of just a subscription (or series of subscriptions) to an MMO, or a monthly allowance to buy games, accessories, and consoles.

When it comes down to subscriptions, the most common happen to be those types like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes, which pretty much sucks up a good $15/mo. And that’s the sort of money that would be missed by the casual player—hardcore MMO players can rack up quite a bit in monthly subscription fees for playing pay games.

But, on top of that, there’s the console and PC gamers

Documentary: Video Games Are Dead – Part 1

Posted by | August 12, 2009

“Freefalling sales. Skyrocketing unemployment. Studios tanking left and right. Between the twin pressures of one of the worst recessions in modern history and a fundamental shift in the way today’s fans consume interactive entertainment, the PC and video game business is quickly coming up short on extra lives. As Season 2 of Players Only opens, we connect with the industry’s biggest names to cast aside the field’s “recession-proof” image and explore how the very fabric of gaming as we know it has changed. Tune in for the first of a special two-part series as we ask: Is it ‘game over’ for thousands of developers and publishers – and millions of fans – …

Video Game Sales Drop, Used Games See a Rise

Posted by | July 16, 2009

With the jobless rate merrily leaving the Land of Hard Times for the Valley of Revolution, even gamers have seen an effect. The slumping economy had to drag down the gaming industry eventually, and now hard data is showing the effects of that sucking tide.

According to, video games sales have fallen nearly 30% across hardware and software, with most of the drop being placed squarely on the shoulders of the money-printing beast, Nintendo. Demand for their Wii console has slowed, slackening the market. Not to mention the yawning void that separates our present time-space from the last assault of hit titles.

Coming in to feed off the cash-starved remains of the economy’s victims, used game sales have grown fat and powerful. Better than a third of game sales in May have fallen under the blighted banner of the resale legion, a trend which is …

Video Games Stomp on Recession, Kick its Shell Across Screen, Grab Mushroom

Posted by | December 31, 2008

A mushroom made of pure, uncut, 100% raw cash. Gamers this year gave the falling economy, likened by experts to a “black pit where no hope or light can reach,” only a passing glance as they marched merrily out to stock up on sequels and some truly unique games. So long as the electricity stays on, the gaming community has remained quite content to do without other luxuries, such as heat, light, and food that wasn’t extruded from a noodle machine in China.

While sales of other products sunk into the clinging tar of the recession’s bubbling caldera, video games remained stable, even rising. This strange insulation from economic woe has been linked to several factors, chief among them that games offer very cheap entertainment for the price, a great incentive for those who are staring down the barrel of a jobless rent day. Also, …

EA to Slash 1,000 Jobs, Close Nine Studios

Posted by | December 19, 2008

We all knew EA was in trouble, but now the tainted fruits of that poisoned tree are hitting the ground and blighting the land. In a release today, Electronic Arts has announced their intention to close various minor studios and other holdings in order to focus on larger, more profitable games. This restructuring plan is estimated to save the company some 120-million per year. Oh, yeah, and that 1,000 lost jobs thing, too.

EA blamed its problems on retailers tightening up their inventory and not purchasing whatever shovelware offal EA spews forth from its wet and smacking orifices.

We here at Vox wish the best to those spit out from the giant. Hopefully picking up new jobs won’t be much of a hassle in this yawning depression of a violated economy.