Micro-Review: F.E.A.R.

Posted by | May 26, 2007

fear_pc_front.gifF.E.A.R. This game fell down mostly on story. While the creepy little girl effect really got us, and we loved having bullet-time to take out our enemies in this FPS shooter it really wasn’t doing such a good job of keeping our attention. What drove us forward wasn’t the interesting new foes, but the next time we met Mr. I-Eat-Dead-Bodies or the scary little girl who lit fires and threw stuff at us.

Otherwise it was a generic FPS with horror elements. Things that we did like involved how the bad guys would jump for cover, or leap over objects to get at us. They’d throw grenades when we were hiding and scream in horror when we revealed ourselves. We’re told by everyone that they’re telepathically controlled clones, but they seemed pretty well socialized for clones.

There isn’t much in the way of tactics, or problem solving that we had to do. The enemies are loud—well, most of them are—talking to each other in their outside voices on the radio whenever we came near. We didn’t need to walk like a cat, these guys were made to be snuck up on.

We think that they could have done a lot more work with the NPCs (or at least more NPCs in general who weren’t specters walking in our vision) and had them be more interactive. Maybe some escort or protection scenarios. As a horror it did a pretty good job with the ethereal ghosts that fell into dirty ashes every time we got a good look at them, and the dead bodies falling out of ceiling tiles, but sadly eventually it just got tired. We stopped jumping at noises about half-way-through. We think it was because we realized nothing was coming to get us anymore, at least nothing that wasn’t going to bark, “AREA SEEMS CLEAR!” on its radio before it came up on us.

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