GameOgre: Forsaken World First Impressions

Posted by | March 17, 2011

Just published over at GameOgre video game review blog:

When it comes to art direction and detail the environments in this game really stand out. Each starting zone has its own theme and the graphical elements that appear in them instill a sense of atmosphere that prevails down to the tiniest detail. The vampire starting zone is covered with gothic, draconian architecture; guttering candles dripping on candelabras; even a graveyard with stunted and withered trees. The stonemen start in a cavernous, rock-laden area with a lot of browns and grays, and sharp angles everywhere—you can almost hear stone crumbling as you run about your business. The elves start in a jungle, crawling with foliage and dripping with water—in fact, much of it is swampy and shows off a brilliant water effect—with the trunks of trees vanishing into a distant fog, or turning towards the sun produces a lens flare in your “camera” that desaturates the screen.

The music and sound are present but properly subdued. Although, it seems like there’s a lot of sound effects currently missing—like the sound of stepping on leaves, different types of terrain, or wading through water; perhaps it’s just my settings—attacks, interaction, and other events do produce lifelike and quality sound effects so you know what’s going on near you. I haven’t encountered much grim battles yet, but I suspect it could become rather cacophonous as is proper for a game of this sort.

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