First Impressions: Dragon Quest Swords

Posted by | November 5, 2008

A slime draws near!

We have been fans of the Dragon Warrior franchise since we first laid eyes on the pixilated visage of our hero from Dragon Warrior. We’ve even gone to great lengths to get translations of the non-released versions. There is a slime atop our monitor that graces our every waking moment.

Behold. Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. A strange land of first-person view guided with the wiimote, sliding between flat landscapes, polygon castles, and people who look as if they’ve been made out of blown sugar and glass pipettes. In fact, talking to the prince of the kingdom makes us concerned that we might breathe on him too hard and break him.

The operation of the game is extremely simple. Just the wiimote. When pointed at the screen a tiny, sparkle-dripping dot appears, but it doesn’t do anything except in menus. Movement is affected via the directional pad, which gets really odd at times, but for the most part one only needs to push the UP-arrow.

Then comes combat. With a varied array of swings that can be made against the spigot-spray of enemies that arrive to be hacked to bits our wild slashing. Slashes can be made up-down, left-right, and on the diagonals—after a while it’s noticed that certain slashes work better against certain enemies.

And, of course, there is that strange sensation after literally hacking and slashing through a deluge rush of slimes, reveling in the slosh of their blue puddle corpses underneath our stomping boots.

We’ve done a few beginning quests so far and the game is promising.

Insofar, the learning curve isn’t difficult, but we are having issues with the number of extremely boring cut-scenes. The speeches are grandiose, there’s a certain strange dialogue between ourselves and our father who lost an arm in the war—replaced with the steampunk Dragon Quest version of a cyborg limb. And the Queen is ill.

Wiimo—er, sword in hand, we set forth to claim our fortune!

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