Dreaming Tentacles and the Majesty of Colors

Posted by | December 29, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write about tentacled abyssal horrors from the pelagian depths, which is why the flash game I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colors comes as such a welcome surprise. In this little 8-bit styled adventure, you take on the role of a nameless elder horror from the ocean fathoms who has just recently risen up. Lured to the surface by colourful balloons, you experience your first encounter with humanity and so the game begins.

The controls for Majesty of Colors are simple enough, just move your mouse about the screen and the creature will stretch forth a tentacle to follow your motions. Click to pick up and hold things like fish and screaming humans. You interact with the game world by picking things up, moving them around, and placing them on ships or perhaps dragging them ten-thousand feet below the waves where their plump little wriggling bodies implode under the hellish pressures of the lightless waters. Your call.

That choice is something of a theme in Majesty of Colors, since you can react to any given situation in a number of ways and the humans themselves are very, very fragile once caught up in your writhing appendage. How you interact with them influences how they return the favour, anything from flying banners from airplanes that proclaim your glory, to hunting you down with submarines and torpedoes. There are at least five different endings to discover, all based around your actions and responses to the challenges offered by the game in scenarios and sequences. The creature, that is, you, reflects upon your actions and what it discovers of the human world. In the end, you arise from your dream of the creature, tasting in your mouth the tang and blood of its adventures.

I Fell In Love With The Majesty Of Colors is a charming and interesting little game floating alone in a dark and piss-filled sea of endless shooters, bad porn, and furry crap set to j-pop. It’s a true game of exploration and encounters, with your own choice and mistakes tallied into a final consequence.

Also, tentacles. Loves me some tentacles.

Begin your own journey into the Majesty of Colors at Kongregate.com.

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