Zynga Bug Sends Customer Support E-mails to Random Stranger

Posted by | July 5, 2013

A bug on the Zynga customer-support servers mistakenly sends support request e-mails to a total stranger. Eric Mueller, who owns the domain name themepark.com, but doesn’t work for Zynga (instead he runs a web design firm) tried to contact Zynga about the error—who didn’t respond. Instead of ignoring the support needs of customers, Mueller decided to do Zynga’s job for them and started responding to the support requests. With hilarious results.

One example,

I know that For Canada Day, the engineering department wraps the ".ca" servers in Canadian flags, and then sets a plate of poutine on top. This sometimes can cause the server to overheat, and sometimes even get gravy into the login/logout module. I thought that might be what was going on, but I checked with the Canadian server techs and they are telling me that Canada Day passed without incident and the servers all enjoyed their break and are back to running fine.

However, I told them that wasn’t the case and explained the problems you are having with the game, so they suggested another fix specifically for Canadian players. Here’s what they said to try: do you have a hockey jersey? If so, you should lay it across your keyboard, and then try to enter the game. If that doesn’t work, put the jersey on and then give it another shot.

via Kotaku.

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