Xbox Live now with egg-on-face over name of West Virginia town: Fort Gay

Posted by | September 9, 2010

In a show of humility, Microsoft Corp. and Xbox Live are now issuing an apology to a 26-year-old gamer and a West Virginia Town over a ban due to thinking a player had violated the game’s terms of service. All this due to the name of the town he’s from: Fort Gay, West Virginia.

From the coverage by AP,

The town in western West Virginia is real. But Seattle-based Microsoft and the Xbox Live enforcement team wouldn’t take Josh Moore’s word for it.

They suspended his gaming privileges for a few days last week until he could convince them his Wayne County hometown is real.

Remind us voces to avoid posting that we’re gaming from Hell, Arizona; or those particular individuals from Athol, Idaho (although, Athol is really only a problem when spoken aloud.)

Needless to say, Microsoft and Xbox Live have reinstated the player and have apologized, so hopefully now they’ll run things like this through Google Maps before bringing down the banhammer.

Link, via Yahoo! News.

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