Wii Sales Slow, Investors Concerned, Nintendo Shrugs

Posted by | November 2, 2009

Sales of Nintendo’s popular Wii console have slowed on the news that nearly every man, woman, and child on this green earth already has one. As the Wii reaches parity with the population of the globe, investors have become concerned. The Wii has seen a sales drop of better than 50% over the quarter, which places it, ah… let me see… Oh yes, places it some millions of units above its nearest rivals.

Nintendo’s top game designer, one Shigeru Miyamoto, has taken the news well. To help promote the upcoming Super Mario Bros. game, he’s packed up on a tour of the USA, showing off the game and giving a few rare interviews about how Nintendo is responding to the economic slowdown.

Read more at BusinessWeek.com.

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