Why is Lord British the most awesome person in the Universe?

Posted by | December 7, 2008

If there ever was an alpha-geek, he is incarnate in the man known as Richard Allen Garriott. Better known as the true and living avatar of Lord British.

Time to be a drooling fanvox.

It’s hard to see that there is anyone else in the world with such a makeshift, ever forward looking portfolio of the crazy and amazing. If anyone doubts this they can always just take a look at his Wikipedia page.

(When do we get a Wikipedia page?)

This man launched himself into space!

He’s credited with being the executive producer of City of Heroes/Villains. This is a game that we voces play on a weekly basis. In some strange way playing the game we bring ourselves closer to the strange light that is the glory of Lord British and his cometary rise to influential geek power.

We hear that he’s rumored to live in a castle.

His moniker, Lord British, comes from the Ultima series. It began with humble means, text and spites jittering crazy pixelated lives across the screen. The original Ultima I came out in 1980 for the Apple II (it didn’t come out for PC until 1987 when it was republished.) Plotted to run like a berserk European fantasy with weird technology tacked on…such as fighting in space. Well—how else would the player take on the evil wizard’s alien allies?

Still, Ultima I is the origin of all that is good and great and amazing about Lord British. It spawned the eponymous Ultima Series and brought us our alpha geek as he is today. Though graphical rendering engines have exceeded their own claims to technological glory since then and he is no longer a pixilated blob of royal umbrage. No. Today a person can actually look upon him. In fact, I saw a picture recently of the Lord himself. He looks almost lifelike!

(Did we mention that he’s gone into space? Hopefully to board his starfighter and take the battle to the evil alien allies of the dark wizard, Mondain.)

“Thou had best know this is a great game!”

And we knew it to be true.

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