Warhammer Online Offers a 30-Day Bounty for New Players

Posted by | December 23, 2008

Despite a certain amount of grumbling in the ranks of the hardcore who shot to the end of the game in about 13.6 minutes, Warhammer Online has been doing rather well for itself in the MMORPG market. A good launch, decent player retention, and a niche apart from World of Warcraft have given Warhammer Online the hot player injection it’ll need to stay competitive against the cold and unrelenting might of the Lich King.

Mythic Entertainment isn’t stopping there, though. Taking another cue from the 800-pound gorilla, Warhammer Online has just opened up a recruit-a-friend program with a bounty of 30 days free time for every new player you sign up. Here are the details, care of The Warhammer Herald.

* When you become a paying subscriber to Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, you’ll receive 3 recruitment notices to share with friends or family. For each month you continue to subscribe, you’ll receive another recruitment notice (for a maximum of 6 at any time).
* Send a recruitment email to a friend or family member from the Account Center. This will allow your recruit to create a trial account for seven days of free play. Unused referrals expire after 30 days and will revert back to your pool of available referrals.
* When your recruit becomes a paying subscriber to WAR, you will receive a credit for 30 days of free game time. Stay tuned for more exciting recruitment rewards in the future!

Granted, 30 days isn’t anything to argue against, but I have to wonder when they’re going to start offering the free unicorn and bonus XP, like a certain other game. Or fix that Fetch thing, I mean, damn that’s broken.

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