Warhammer Online Hotfixes are In

Posted by | January 6, 2009

It’s as true now as ever before, Tuesday is patch day. Warhammer Online updates with a few cleaned up quests and a quick PvP fix. Here are the full patch notes ripped straight from WAR’s website.


* The Deathclaw Cold Ones that assault the High Elf Chapter 22 hub will no longer attack players.

Quests and Public Quests


* Betrayal from Within: Adjusted the waypoints on this quest so that they correctly lead players to the Bastion Stair entrance.
* Broken Core: Fixed an issue which was preventing Squig Herder players from completing this quest because they could not choose a reward.
* Eyes of the Spy: Fixed an issue with the Raven Caller quest item which sometimes allowed more than one raven to be summoned.
* Bitter Blood: This quest will now reward players with an appropriate amount of experience for its level.


* Traugonaith’s Pummelers: This item will now reduce the chance of a Marauder’s attack being blocked, rather than increasing the chance that the Marauder blocks an attack.
* Focus of Conquest: This item now has appropriate stats for its level.
* Bloodfist Greatsword: This item will now correctly proc the effect described in the item’s tooltip.
* Nursery Treader Shinsteels: The erroneous race and career requirements on this item have been corrected.
* Black Guard Chaperone Dreadhelm: An erroneous level requirement on this item had been corrected.

Realm vs. Realm

* Players on Open Realm vs. Realm servers will now be correctly flagged for RvR when spawning into contested capital city scenarios.

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