Video Game Makers Considering Movie Pie, Salivating Heavily

Posted by | July 24, 2009

Last year, the video game industry wolfed down some 11-billion of your human monies, which surpassed the ticket sales of the movie industry. This has caused the game industry to reflect on just what to do with video game movies and how they should be produced.

Although Hollywood marshals a vast array of resources in the film-making department, the conglomeration of film-makers is more or less a giant bowl of maggots, turning in their filth, who seek to devour and devour with no regard to what foulness emerges from their digestive organs. Video game companies have become wary of lending, or losing, their IP rights to this disgusting crew.

The LA Times has posted an article about what video game companies are doing to protect their franchises while still turning a theatre buck, and it’s not pretty for Hollywood. Read more about it here.

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