Top 10: Video Game women who don’t use sex to sell

Posted by | October 14, 2009

Truly an excellent example of an article that warms our hearts, plus it happens to cover a lot of games we liked simply because they managed to speak to us out of narrative.

It’s no secret that females in video games are typically blatantly, sexualized byproducts of perverted character design. Between their skimpy attire and grossly exaggerated anatomy, most ladies featured in video games look more like prostitutes than crime-fighting, evil-slaying heroes. While games like Dead or Alive,Ninja Gaiden and Soulcalibur continue to perpetuate the demeaning myth that girls should dress like whores to sell games and kick ass, there are those leading ladies that have striven to break the stereotype.

So here are ten, completely badass video game ladies who are more concerned with messing up faces and ending lives than posing as pin-up girls for a nerdy version of Playboy. It was difficult to make this list; to qualify, entries had to be female, appropriately and modestly dressed for the majority of the game, and capable of totally kicking ass. Suffice to say, this excluded some of the most defining female characters in gaming history. But what good is a list if it doesn’t discriminate and judge?

Not to ruin the experience for anyone, but here’s the first few you can expect:

Zoey (Left 4 Dead), Faith (Mirror’s Edge), Jennifer Mui (Mercenaries), Princess Peach (Super Mario RPG) … To see the rest, you will have to follow the link.

Link, via The Game Reviews dot com.

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