THQ Shuts Down Arizona QA Facility

Posted by | July 22, 2012

In a remarkable surprise, THQ actually admits to having QA centers, two of them. This will come as something of a shock to anyone who played Saints Row 2 on computer. In any case, THQ’s quality assurance team is set to become even more efficient when their Arizona center shuts down. The troubled publisher is closing the Arizona QA center in favor of their Montreal office. Some 57 employees will be freed from their unwashed QA cells during the transition to rediscover sunlight, warm food, and sleep. GameInformer has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    July 22, 2012 5:04 pm

    The QA department is the hell made to test the souls of gamers who have filled their hearts with desire and lack the skill to score a job among the living. Good companies fuel their games with the wails and screams of full QA departments. Losing this power doesn’t bode well for THQ’s future releases.

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