The Internet Responds to New Mass Effect 3 Ending

Posted by | June 26, 2012

Now that the DLC for the new Mass Effect 3 ending is online, reports are trickling in describing the content of the new expansion, as well as the reactions to players encountering it. My particular favorite is that part where, if you decide to reject the choices given to you in Mac Walters’s personal vision for the end of the series, the game spitefully and blatantly tells you that you are wrong, and then murders the entire setting. BioWare’s Community Forums have the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    June 26, 2012 12:35 pm

    The link in the article above goes to a thread that was, at the time of writing, 17 pages of BioWare fans calling BS on the new ending. The parts of the internet who don’t worship all things BioWare have an even harsher opinion. It’s rather obvious this entire DLC is a screw you to players who called for a real ending to the epic sci-fi series into which they had invested hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours, and shows without a doubt that ego and pettiness are ruling in the halls of BioWare.

    Pay attention, folks. This is how a gaming giant dies.

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