The crocheted goodness of Mario by Michelle Rheaume

Posted by | August 10, 2009

mario-crochet-patternI will be straight up damned if Michelle Rheaume’s crocheted Mushroom Kingdom-onians aren’t the cutest Mario home-crafted toys I’ve ever seen. Patterns and completed custom figures are available via her Etsy account (the Tanooki Mario has since been sold), and you can see more sold-out items on her Flickr, which I’ll bet you she’d be happy to craft on request.

We have quite a few friends who happened to be into the knitted crafts fare—having the ability to find famous characters and character patterns is always a huge enjoyment. I recently forwarded some quilt patterns to a friend with space invaders on them. There is something deeply atavistic about the 8-bit to crocheted pixel translation.

Link, via BoingBoing Offworld.

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