Star Trek Online sees a change in command as Executive Producer D’Angelo steps down

Posted by | February 2, 2015

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios MMO Star Trek Online’s Stephen D’Angelo is stepping down as Executive Producer to be seceded by Stephen Ricossa.

D’Angelo is best known by the community as the guy who descended into the forums to tell the playerbase how it was when Cryptic Studios claimed there was an exploit in a patrol in Tau Dewa. Leading to a great deal of animosity from the playerbase who had not entirely known that what happened in the patrol mission in question was actually an exploit at all.

In Ricossa’s acceptance blog post, he hinted at the potential for future STO changes and content, specifically teasing a much-waited-on change to sector space:

“With the launch of Season 10 Sector Space will be comprised of only three maps, with each one representing a quadrant that exists in STO. Yes, the sector walls are coming down!”

Ricossa is a veteran of Star Trek Online and notes that he’s been a member of the STO team since 2008 and was present for pre-production, active production, launch, and multiple expansions. He mentions “fantastic plans for the game in 2015,” but mentions a veteran team who brought us Delta Rising.

Delta Rising, of course, also brought the game to what is thought to be its worst low by the community by introducing a level cap that enforces a serious experience grind, an unexpected and new way to play the game involving grinding patrols, and other updates that drove deep rifts into the palyerbase.

However, Delta Rising also brought new voice actors, game modes, and ships to STO that—if the problems could be resolved amicably—would normally be seen as an amazing leap in content and development.

Ricossa has a legacy to fill and a future to create; he also has a history as a solid member of the STO team.

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