Star Trek Online, Five Minutes of Heaven

Posted by | August 20, 2009

star-trek-online (Deep breath.) Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Star Trek is a multigenerational masterwork of ongoing storytelling that managed to span not just decades of time, but the ever evolving cultural ebb and flow of corporate momentum and public nostalgia. Taking such a vastly hallowfied and recrafted property is going to be something of a strange event for any MMO that wants to throw itself behind this vast, spiraling narrative that cannot fix itself in space, time, or even a single story universe (see: the newest Star Trek offering which basically resets the entire Star Trek storyline.)

Reports from Cryptic Studios—the people who brought us City of Heroes/Villains and will bring us Champions Online—inform that the once ailing MMO property Star Trek Online is back on track and will be coming to us sometime Q1 2010 to the graphic undulation of thousands of geeks who all cried out once and then hesitant silence. Since we’ve seen many possible properties come and go in this cutthroat economy, and almost fully expect that an Orion slave trader may be along soon to take even this one from us.

Yes, yes, we couldn’t help but throw a Star Wars reference in there. Suck it up.

The upcoming game even has some epic, and gorgeous, footage taken during GC ‘09 and if it does not deceive, it hopefully shall not disappoint. Starship to starship combat, phaser fire, photo torpedoes arcing through the vastness of interstellar space—even ground combat involving teams of players or NPCs or a mix. Everyone gets to be a captain…which might lead to some interesting interactions, but we’ll see how that ends up working out.

Other features include possibly creating entirely new species of Star Trek races to throw boldly into game play, hiring and training up bridge crews, and other interesting sounding things that haven’t yet been revealed to the general public.

We are going off of the video here, after all.

Link, via 1UP Game Videos

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