Spike TV 2008 Video Game Awards to Show Dec. 14

Posted by | December 10, 2008

In yet another desperate attempt to prove they’re relevant to our generation, the TV producers at Spike are serving up a Video Games Award show later this week. The show will feature the usual array of awards, sneak peeks at upcoming titles, and music by various popular artists like Weezer.

Nominees and winners for this VGA show come from a shadowy Advisory Council, dark viziers drawn from industry journalists. I am, of course, not one of them. Games released between December 2, 2007 and December 1st of this year were eligible for nomination, which should firmly place Fallout 3 at the top of just about every list that isn’t claimed by Warcraft’s Lich King. The Best Independent Game will be chosen by fans who best exploit the system at Spike.com.

Of special interest, the VGAs will show off a Grand Theft Auto IV episodic content thingy, The Lost And The Damned. The episode is set in Liberty City, and features a new main character, new missions, new toys, and maybe even an apology for that cousin with his cell phone addiction. The new content will be an Xbox 360 exclusive, and require an Xbox LIVE subscription.

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