Space Invader jack-o’-lantern

Posted by | October 24, 2010

BqcnC In homage to Elaine Mercer of Black Hat Magick fame, I am giving everyone this look-see at this fun Space Invader jack-‘o-lantern. She is well known for her love of them—from pillowcases to tchotchkes on her cell phone. The era 8-bits is now so long ago that it’s our parents and grandparents who lived through their heyday.

So, the image doesn’t make the pumpkin very visible; but the Space Invader glows with a friendly orange light.

The lovely simplicity is really what make the 8-bit imagery of those old enemies so fun and engaging, especially when we compare them against the smoothed high-polycount photo-real FPS and RPGs of contemporary popularity.

I especially like how the pumpkin carver hung the dark pixels of the eyes with a pair of wires (just barely visible in the photograph.)

Link, via Reddit.

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