Shepard, There’s Been a Leak In Our Security, We Need You to Contain the Damage

Posted by | November 5, 2011

So Bioware just kind of, sort of, by accident, released the beta version of Mass Effect 3 to Xbox Live. Oops. So now, the game company is working overtime to limit the exposure and contain the damage. You see, the beta of a game is still somewhere between an experiment and a skeleton. Things are half-finished, horrible, pumping organs are exposed, and wretched fluids drip from every orifice. Gamers, being the reactionaries we are, might just take this shambling flesh-husk for the real deal. Also, any Xbox that managed to download the beta just got mighty valuable. Oh, Kotaku has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    November 5, 2011 4:26 pm

    The best thing Bioware can do now is unleash a ton of info about the game, previews, interviews, everything they can. That’ll help drown out the whispered secrets surging up out of the internet in the wake of this accidental pre-release.

    Or maybe they’ll try to make Microsoft brick a bunch of Xboxes with their hidden kill commands. One of the two.

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