Second Life and Digital Rights in Virtual Worlds

Posted by | August 15, 2009

Second Life is something of a cross between the Wild West and the New Frontier, with a solid dose of pornomachina to spice things up. A number of other online playgrounds have opened their doors, offering similar services as Second Life. But with a digital land rush comes the question; who owns all this stuff, and how do they enforce that ownership?

As creative types who make our money through digital labour, we here at Vox are keenly interested in this debate as it plays out among clients, artists, writers, con men, spammers, companies, thieves, freelancers, and scammers.

You can find one battle over at Internet Evolution, where they showcase the plight of one Gospel Voom. Voom created a virtual town for a client in Second Life, then awoke one day to discover his work gone and sold to another person… Without his consent, or any credit. Read the article here.

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