Rift Sorts Through the Ashes of History

Posted by | October 10, 2011

Dragon cults! Planar Attunement! Travel stones! We’re not adding in features World of Warcraft had for years, we swear! Check out what Rift is doing with a fire-based elemental enemy group that has nothing at all to do with fire-based elemental enemy groups in other games. Rift has the story.

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  1. Nelson Williams
    October 10, 2011 7:00 am

    I have nothing for or against Rift, and I wish the game well. But, damn, does that thing look like EverQuest for the 201Xs.

  2. Dracul
    October 10, 2011 5:12 pm

    Looks good so far, never really got into Rift but slowly I find myself more curious about it.

  3. Helvetica
    October 10, 2011 10:11 pm


    If Rift is going to be a WoW-killer, it first must get through the WoW-clone larval stage.

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